DataBank Briefing October 6, 2016 : Berman Jewish DataBank Launches New series of Community Research Reports

Sponsor(s): Berman Jewish DataBank@The Jewish Federations of North America

Key Findings:

October 6, 2016

The Berman Jewish DataBank today launches a new series of Community Research Reports that will present basic research about the Jewish community in an accessible format for our stakeholders.

The first report, Priced Out: How Household Income and Jewish Connections Determine Who Can't Afford Jewish Day School, examines the critical issue of day school affordability.  It shows that the relationship between income and whether parents report day school is unaffordable depends on the parents’ Jewish connections.  In general, the more Jewish connections people have, the smaller the role income plays in determining that day school is beyond their means.  The fewer Jewish connections people have, the more prominent income is in their assessments that day school costs too much for them.

The report is based on data from eleven Jewish community studies, all held in the DataBank’s archives.  We thank the commissioning organizations and researchers (see the report’s Acknowledgements) who archived their studies at the DataBank and made the analysis possible.

The DataBank plans to issue several Community Research Reports annually.  Many, like this first one, will leverage the rich resources the DataBank has by analyzing data in our holdings.  Other reports will present data available from alternative sources.  And we will occasionally summarize scholarly research for our broader audience.  All, we hope, will help inform the work of those who visit the DataBank in search of information about the Jewish community.

We look forward to hearing from you at with your comments, suggestions and opinions about the reports as we post them. 

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