DataBank Briefing - April 7, 2016 - Berman Jewish DataBank highlights new materials added to archives

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Study Dates: April 7, 2016

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Berman Jewish DataBank highlights new materials added to archives

April 7, 2016


The Berman Jewish DataBank invites its stakeholders to explore a range of new materials that have been added to our archives recently:

The 2014 Demographic and Attitudinal Survey of the Jewish Population of New Mexico, commissioned by the Jewish Federation of New Mexico and conducted by Marina Arbetman-Rabinowitz and Benjamin Kupersmit.  This is the first-ever Jewish community study in New Mexico.

A 2015 J Street poll on the U.S.-Iran nuclear agreement, which joins a 2015 Jewish Journal poll on the same topic.

The 2016 American Muslim Poll with comparisons to American Jews, Catholics and Protestants. The poll was sponsored by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding and overseen by principal investigators Dalia Mogahed and Fouad Pervez.

The American Jewish Committee’s 2015 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion.  Seventeen AJC annual surveys dating from 1998 are available at the DataBank.

Slides decks comparing study results from communities served by small and intermediate size Jewish Federations, prepared by the DataBank.  Separate decks focus on social, demographic and economic characteristics, Jewish connections, and human and social service needs.

Reports on Holocaust survivors living in Canada and specifically in Montreal and Toronto, prepared by Charles Shahar from the 2011 Canadian Household Survey. The reports were sponsored by the Jewish Federations of Canada-UIA, Federation CJA, and UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.

The 2014 Survey of AJS (Association for Jewish Studies) Members, commissioned by the AJS with funding from the American Academy of Jewish Research and conducted by Steven M. Cohen.

In addition, we have added study pages with links to three recent Pew Research Center studies:

The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-2050

Israel’s Religiously Divided Society (a 2014-15 survey of the Israeli population)

The U.S. Religious Landscape Study 2014


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