The Jewish Community of Halifax, 2011

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federations of Canada - UIA, The Atlantic Jewish Council

Principal Investigator(s): Charles Shahar

Study Dates: 2011 Canadian National Household Survey

Population Estimates:

The Jewish population of Halifax was 2,120 in 2011. Jews comprised 0.6% of the total
Halifax population.

Key Findings:

The June 2014 report on Jewish Halifax is based on the results of the 2011 National Household Survey.  The report focuses upon Basic Demographics only.

Basic Demographics.

• The Jewish population of Halifax was 2,120 in 2011. Jews comprised 0.6% of the total
Halifax population.

• Between 2001 and 2011 the Jewish community grew by 140 people, or 7.1%. The rate of
growth of the community has slowed somewhat in the last decade, compared to increases
evident since 1981.

• Halifax has the eleventh largest Jewish community in Canada. The Halifax Jewish
community is growing at a faster rate than the national Jewish population.

• Age distribution of the Halifax Jewish community: the 0-14 year cohort has
increased markedly in the last decade, rising from 265 individuals in 2001 to 385 in 2011.

• On the other hand, the 15-24 age group has decreased significantly in the last decade,
dropping from 350 persons in 2001 to 280 in 2011.

• The 25-44 age group has also increased dramatically since 2001, from 455 to 735 between 2001 and 2011.

• Both the 45-64 year and 65+ year cohorts have decreased significantly in the last decade.

• The median age of the Halifax Jewish community (35.6 years) is younger than that of the
Canadian Jewish population (40.5 years).

• 73% of Jews in Nova Scotia reside in the Halifax Metropolitan Area. The Halifax community comprises 50.7% of the total Jewish population in the Atlantic provinces.

Study Notes:

DataBank users should review the Appendices to the report in addition to the main text and summary of findings. 

The Appendices include discussions of the utility of the National Household Survey of 2011 (which replaced earlier Census "long-form" data collection efforts), a discussion of the Revised Jewish Definition used in 2011 and a comparison with the Standard Jewish Definition used in earlier Census-based reports on Jewish Canada, a discussion of ethnic origin attribution used in the definition of Jewish persons, and supplemental, additional tables on demographics.

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