Jewish Maps of the United States by Counties, 2011

Sponsor(s): Mandell Berman Institute - North American Jewish Data Bank at the University of Connecticut

Principal Investigator(s): Joshua Comenetz

Study Dates: 2011.

Key Findings:

Two maps of the Jewish Population of the United States are the end-product of this project, funded as a Berman Summer Research Fellowship by the Data Bank.

The first map, "MAP: Estimated Number of Jewish Persons, U.S., by County: 2011), visually represents estimates derived by Dr. Comenetz of the number of Jewish persons in the U.S. by county, based upon multiple sources of data, including Jewish community studies available at the Data Bank, the Data Bank's Current Jewish Population Report series, and American Community Survey data analyzed by Dr. Comenetz.

The second map visually presents the same data, but in terms of Jewish persons as a percentage of all people living in each U.S. county - "MAP: Estimated Jewish Percentages, U.S., by County: 2011).

Sample Notes:

Mapping and estimate support documentation is also available under Downloads.

Study Notes:

The two maps described above reflect the data estimates - - and the process by which they were derived by Dr. Comenetz - - which are detailed under "Study Documentation" below in a ten-page methodological summary ("Methodology") produced for professional researchers who may want to review the process and procedures used for the estimates reflected in the two maps.

In addition to the Methodological guide to the estimates and the maps, Dr. Comenetz has also made available three additional files:


First, the data by county in an Excel spreadsheet file format ("Excel County Data") which reflect the methodological and statistical procedures described in the "methodology" overview.


Second, a zipped file - "Zipped...for Mapping Specialists (MapInfo)" - which unzips to to a MAPInfo -format GIS map with the data attached, and


Third, another zipped file - "Zipped Data...Mapping Specialists (ARCGIS)" - which unzips to an ArcGIS-format map with the data attached.

Language: English


Survey Reports

» MAP: Estimated Jewish Population in the U.S. by County, 2011

» MAP: Estimated Percent Jewish Population in the U.S. by County, 2011

Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

» Methodology

Data Files and Data Definitions

» Zipped Data for Mapping Specialists (ARCGIS)

» Zipped Data for Mapping Specialists (MapInfo)

Other Documentation

» EXCEL DATA 2011 Jewish Map of the United States

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