Pocket Demographics

Sponsor(s): Berman Institute, North American Jewish Data Bank at the University of Connecticut

Principal Investigator(s): Arnold Dashefsky, Ron Miller

Key Findings:

Pocket Demographics: U. S. Jewish Population was issued by the North American Jewish Data Bank in October, 2012 as a pocket reference (when folded) which summarizes basic demographic information about the American Jewish Population.

Estimates of Jewish population by state and region of the country, and for each of the 50 largest Jewish communities, are presented based on data from the American Jewish Yearbook and the articles available under "DataBank Resources": Jewish Population in the United States, 2011. These state, regional and local community estimates reflect the Data Bank's 2011 aggregated estimate of 6,588,00 Jewish persons in the U.S.

Under the list of the 50 largest US Jewish communities, an historical timeline is presented, beginning with 1654 (23 Jewish persons).  A series of estimates since 2000 are reported below, including the Yearbook estimate of 6,588,000 Jews in the US, 2011

Data summarizing the Jewish connections of Jews and Jewish households from the 2000-2001 NJPS (National Jewish Population Survey) are organized into national data on the first map and the four US geographic regions on the second map.  Key Jewish connections indicators are summarized based on data from NJPS 2000-2001, including estimates of the number of Jewish households and Jewish persons, Jewish children, seniors and adults ages 18-64; the number of people living in poor Jewish households as of 2001; the percentage of intermarried couples and the percentage of all children in Jewish households who have intermarried parents; denominational preference; synagogue membership estimates; ritual behavior practices such as Seder attendance, Chanukah candles, Shabbat candles, Yom Kippur fasting and keeping a kosher home; philanthropic behavior, Israel visits and emotional connections to Israel.

Sample Notes:

The downloadable map has been designed as a two-sided, back-to-back, color map which can be folded so that the Jewish data summary reference guide can be conveniently carried around.  Users may print it on their color printer but the Data Bank strongly encourages Data Bank users to contact the Data Bank -  through info@jewishdatbank.org or through arnold.dashefsky@uconn.edu - to receive a free, folded version, printed on durable, plasticized stock (while supplies last).

Single copies will be mailed without cost to Data Bank users who request one and include a mailing address in their email request; additional copies of the "Pocket Demographics" may be purchased for $5.00 for two copies, including postage and handling - which essentially covers the cost of design, printing, and handling/mailing.

Please note that because of the special design of the brochure, electronic copies are not exact replications

The Pocket Demographics publication should be useful for Planning and Allocation committees, Jewish communal organization Boards/committees and the Jewish and non-Jewish friends of those involved in the Jewish communal world.





Study Notes:

The Data Bank sincerely hopes that the Pocket Demographics brochure will be updated when a new National Jewish Population Study is completed.

Language: English


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