1984: Buffalo Jewish Community Study

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Greater Buffalo

Principal Investigator(s): Kenneth A. Rogers

Study Dates: March, 1984

Population Estimates:

Jewish population estimated at approximately 18,200 as the average of a probable range of 16,250 to 20,100 (rounded by Data Bank).

Key Findings:

Report was titled: "A Community Description and Prioritization Study for the Buffalo Jewish Community." Issued April, 1984.

Report summarizes demographic data on the interviewed Jewish households. Comparisons to Census-based data for Erie County exist for education level, home ownership, age distribution of Jewish household members, household size, marital status, percent of households with seniors.

Intermarriage rate among list-based, affiliated Jewish households was approximately 9% - which was seen as an underestimate of the actual intermarriage rate within the community, since a "...significant number of Jews in mixed marriages lose their identification with the Jewish community."

Survey included 20 "issues/services" about which respondents were asked to report the level of importance of these items to them.


  • "The number one issue, without question, was support of Israel."
  • "Transportation services, housing, day care and long-term nursing care in a Jewish environment are all very highly ranked, and reflect the upper middle-aged and senior citizen concerns which are prevalent in the community."


Jewish households in Buffalo, NY area.

Sample Size: 800 completed interviews

Sample Notes:

Study is List-based survey of the Jewish community in 1984 - combining unduplicated households from Federation fund-raising list and temple member households not on the list.

List size was approximately 6,000 households; some details in the introductory section.

Survey error reported as +/- 3.42% based on 800 completed interviews.

Report notes that two-of-three survey respondents were female; data not weighted; data file not available.

Questionnaire at end of the report is also available as a separate download below.

Study Notes:

Jewish Population estimate combined survey-based List sample estimate plus a series of estimates for individuals/households not included in the sampling frame (details pp. 9 -10). Report "estimates" precise numbers which Data Bank has rounded above to avoid implication of a level of precision that could not have existed in the survey. Precise estimates were a range of 16,251 to 20,120, with average of 18,185.

Data Bank version of report added in September 2012 from Jewish Federation source. Copy is marked "Draft #2: For Discussion Purposes Only," and has a few handwritten comments scattered in the text. It serves, however, as the survey report.

Report was submitted to the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Federation by a sub-committee comprised of Kenneth A. Rogers, Martin Trossman and Toby Laping, Ph.D. Federation staff member was Dr. Stephen Grossbard, Director of Planning and Budgeting.


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