Jewish Population Study of the Tampa Bay Area 2010

Sponsor(s): Menorah Manor

Principal Investigator(s): Ira M. Sheskin

Study Dates: 2010 DJN-based update of Tampa Bay area Jewish population.

Prior RDD-based study was completed in Pinellas County/St. Petersberg in 1994; Tampa Bay study in 1980 was also DJN-estimate-based data only.

Population Estimates:

Estimates: 69,620 persons live in 29,600 Jewish households in the three county Tampa Bay area. Of the 69,620 persons in Jewish households, 57,535 persons (83%) are Jewish.

Key Findings:

Report: "Jewish Population of Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco Counties 2010" summarizes results of a DJN - distinctive Jewish name - analysis of the study area.

No interviews were conducted by the author to determine if households with a DJN-surname are actually Jewish.


  • This is the first study of the Jewish population in the Tampa Bay area in several decades.

Data are reported for three counties in the Tampa Bay area: Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco,


  • In 2010, 31,320 persons live in 13,500 Jewish households in Pinellas County. Of the 31,320 persons in Jewish households, 26,135 persons (83%) are Jewish


  • 28,200 persons live in 11,750 Jewish households in Hillsborough County. Of the 28,200 persons in Jewish households, 23,000 persons (82%) are Jewish.


  • 10,100 persons live in 4,350 Jewish households in Pasco County. Of the 10,100 persons in Jewish households, 8,400 persons (83%) are Jewish.

Trend data are presented in the report.


  • From 1994-2010, the number of Jewish households in the three county Tampa Bay area increased by 2,700 households (10%), from 26,900 households to 29,600 households.


  • The geographic distribution of Jewish households in Pinellas County changed modestly since 1994. In Hillsborough County, significant growth occurred in South Tampa and a significant decrease occurred in North Tampa.

Pinellas County (St. Petersburg) has the largest, and Hillsborough County (Tampa) has the second largest, Jewish population in the state outside South Florida.

Study Notes: Report notes that: "This study uses a Distinctive Jewish Name (DJN) methodology to estimate the size and geographic distribution of the Jewish population in Pinellas County as well as Hillsborough and Pasco Counties."

Methodology section at the end of the article describes the DJN-methodology used and the adjustment made in order to attempt to account for cell-phone-only Jewish households in the three-county Tampa Bay area.

Author notes: "No telephone interviewing was completed, and this study does NOT substitute for the full community study that is needed in these communities."

Given the decades that have elapsed since the original randomly-based telephone interview surveys in the area [and the author's note], the estimates should be interpreted with caution, especially since they rely upon the ratios of DJNs and Jewish households in 2010 being the same as they were in 1994.

Report updated and slides added: March 15, 2011


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