The Blue Star Impact: Evaluating 50 Years of Blue Star's Mission 1997

Sponsor(s): Blue Star Camps, Rodger and Candy Popkin

Principal Investigator(s): Ira M. Sheskin

Key Findings:

"Evaluating 50 Years of Blue Star's Mission" report issued in January 1997.

Study consisted of telephone interviews with 400 randomly selected former Blue Star campers, almost 200 recent counselors, and over 400 parents of current campers.

Survey results show high levels of satisfaction with the camp experience by all segments surveyed.

Essential conclusion is that: "We hope that the evidence presented herein will begin a dialogue on methods that will enhance Jewish identity. This report argues strongly that it would behoove the Jewish community, and the Federation movement in particular, to consider the promotion of Jewish resident camps as a method for fostering Jewish identity."


Sample of 400 campers, 400 parents, and 200 recent counselors designed to represent 40,000 former campers and counselors from 40 states and 20 foreign countries, with a special target population of "Jews in the South."

Sample Notes:

Materials below include Report, questionnaires and data files for data collected from campers, parents and counselors.


Survey Reports

» Main Report

Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

» Questionnaire for Staff

» Questionnaire for Parents

» Questionnaire for Alumni

Data Files and Data Definitions

» Zipped SPSS Data File & Syntax

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