U.S. Religious Landscape Survey: Pew Research Forum [2007]

Sponsor(s): Pew Research Forum on Religion

Principal Investigator(s): Luis Lugo

Study Dates: May 8, 2007 - August 13, 2007.

Over 35,000 respondents interviewed.

Population Estimates:

Pew Research Forum on Religion & Public Life report estimated in 2007 that 1.7% of all American adults are Jewish-by-religion while Christians represent 78.4% of American adults.

Other groups include Buddhist 0.7%, Muslim 0.6%, Hindu 0.4%, Unitarians and other "liberal faiths" 0.7%, New Age 0.4% and Native America.

Please see link on left to Pew's followup survey, the 2014 U.S. Religious Landscape Study, which estimated that 1.9% of American adults in 2014 were Jewish-by-religion.

Key Findings:

The Pew Research Forum on Religion & Public Life study, U. S. Religious Landscape Survey: Religious Affiliation: Diverse and Dynamic, was conducted in 2007 and issued in February 2008.  The Pew Forum research study reported that (in 2007) 1.7% of all American adults (an estimated 3.8 million)  were Jewish-by-religion

In 2014, Pew conducted a followup survey, the 2014 U.S. Religious Landscape Study (see link on left) which estimated that the percentage of Jews-by-religion had increased to 1.9% to 1.9% of an estimated 245,000,000 American adults.  

Thus, from 2007 to 2014, using the same JBR definition used in the Landscape survey series, the percentage of Jewish-by-religion persons increased from 1.7% to 1.9% of the American adult population - with potential sampling error from the survey data always complicating trend comparisons.  

See the discussion of the 2007 and 2014 surveys, and the relationship to the Pew 2013 Portrait of Jewish Americans in the DataBank's analysis of Jewish Population Estimates in the 2014 Study overview page.


Question asked: "What is your religion, if any? Are you Protestant, Roman Catholic, Mormon, Orthodox such as Greek or Russian Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, agnostic, something else, or nothing in particular?"





682 Jewish Americans interviewed as part of a national study with over 35,000 respondents in 2007.

Sample Size: 682 Jewish interviews completed as part of a national study of over 35,000 respondents.

Sample Notes:

The survey interviews were conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International (PSRAI). Interviews were done in English and Spanish by Princeton Data Source, LLC (PDS), and Schulman, Ronca and Bucuvalas, Inc. (SRBI).

Detailed methodological discussion and sample disposition details in Appendix 2 of Report 1.

Survey questionnaire in Appendix. "Topline" data included for most questions.

Please note that Appendix 3: A Brief History of Religion and the U.S. Census is an exceptionally useful summary of the issue.


Study Notes:

The Berman Jewish DataBank wishes to thank the Pew Research Forum for permitting us to post the official summaries of the U. S. Religious Landscape reports on our website immediately after survey release, as well as (as of October, 2013) the complete report which includes all appendices (see "downloads" on right).

In addition, the DataBank has also made available (under "downloads")  a slide show summary of Jewish responses in the published report to the Pew Research Forum U.S. Religious Landscape survey (and comparisons with other religious groups) issued by Professor Steven M. Cohen and Lauren Blitzer through the JCC Association Research Center: "Belonging Without Believing: Jews and Their Distinctive Patterns of Religiosity - and Secularity."