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A Study of Chicago Jewry (1930) based on death certificates

Sponsor(s): Conference on Jewish Relations, Robison, Sophia M. (editor)

Principal Investigator(s): A.J. Jaffe

Study Dates: 1930

Population Estimates:

Death certificate analysis estimates 265,450 Jews in Chicago in 1930.

See later studies of Chicago Jewish population up to Hauser, 1954 for a discussion of the earlier methods - pre-RDD (random digit dialing)  -  of estimating Jewish persons in a local community

Study Notes:

Monograph is a compilation of nine local Jewish population studies completed in the 1930's, many of which had been conducted by (or assisted by) the Conference on Jewish Relations.

Chapter 1 reviews the methods used for Jewish population estimates in these studies; it should be reviewed in conjunction with the local community study/studies being reviewed.

Chapter 2: Trenton, New Jersey, 1937; Chapter 3: Passaic, NJ, 1937; Chapter 4: Buffalo, NY 1938; Chapter 5: Buffalo, NY, 1938; Chapter 6: Norwich/New London, CT, 1938; Chapter 6: Pittsburgh, PA, 1938; Chapter 7, Detroit, MI, 1935; Chapter 8: Chicago, IL, 1930 based on death certificate analysis; Chapter 9: Minneapolis, MN, 1936; Chapter 10: San Francisco, CA, 1938.

The copy of the monograph available for scanning by the Data Bank in 2007 had many handwritten comments and "strike-through" lines. Despite these comments, etc., we believe that the reports have considerable historic value.

Language: English