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Jewish Population of Chicago 1931

Sponsor(s): Jewish Charities of Chicago

Population Estimates:

The Jewish population of Chicago was estimated to be 302,164 using the "Yom Kippur" method of calculation, often used at the time.

The 1923 estimate was 288,131 Jewish persons.

Study Notes:

Used a "Yom Kippur Method" of estimating the population. By this method, an estimate of the Jewish population and its distribution is established through ascertaining the number of Jewish children in school and applying that number to the previously established ratio of Jewish children to the general Jewish population. The number of Jewish children is ascertained by comparing absences on Yom Kippur with absences on a regular school day. Pros and Cons of the Yom Kippur method are detailed in Rosenthal's Chicago 1946 study report and Hauser's comments in the Chicago 1954 study.

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Survey Reports

» Jewish Population of Chicago, 1931 Main Report

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