Jewish Community Campus Survey Lee County 1994

Sponsor(s): Lee County Jewish Federation, Florida

Principal Investigator(s): Gilbert R. Hutchcraft

Study Dates: 1993-1994

Population Estimates: Report is not a Jewish Population/Community Study.

Report focused on the views of Jews on the Jewish Federation's newspaper mailing list about establishing a new Jewish community campus with a Jewish Community Center (JCC) and other Jewish organizatio

Key Findings: Sample derived from households on the Federation's newspaper mailing list:
  • 94% of the respondents were permanent residents of Florida; 85% planed to continue to live in Lee County for the next three years.

  • 83% considered themselves Reform Jews, while 16% specified Conservative affiliation.

  • The areas most frequently selected by the vast majority of respondents as the site for a Lee County JCC were the two areas south of Colonial Boulevard and along the US 41 corridor.

  • Cost of membership and type of programs/services were the two most essential factors in joining a JCC.

  • A majority would support and even join a JCC. Thus, the report concluded that there appeared to be sufficient interest and moral support for a JCC.
Sample: A random sample of the readership of the Jewish Federation of Lee County's publication, "L'chayim."

Sample Size: "L'Chayim" has a readership of approximately 2,170 households; survey forms were mailed to 1,085 households. Completed survey forms were received from 340 households, a 32% response rate.

Study Notes: In the latter part of 1993, the Jewish Federation of Lee County, Florida decided to conduct a survey of the Jewish community to evaluate interest in establishing a multipurpose Jewish Community Campus. The Report summarizes reactions to a planned Jewish Community Campus, and is not a Jewish population study.


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