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Las Vegas Jewish Population Study 1982

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, United Jewish Community: Jewish Federation of Las Vegas

Principal Investigator(s): Bruce A. Phillips

Population Estimates: 19,000 Jewish persons estimated.
Key Findings: "The Las Vegas Jewish Population Survey," Report #1 was issued in January, 1983. It focuses on the Las Vegas Jewish community's Demographic Profile (age, household size and household structure, intermarriage, occupation and income), Geographic Profile (place of birth, year of movement to Las Vegas, mobility within Las Vegas, housing patterns and home ownership) and the Jewish Elderly.

Report compares data on Las Vegas in 1982 to data on Jewish Denver and Jewish Los Angeles from studies undertaken about the same time. Thirty tables (with several sub-tables) summarize data.

Two additional reports from the Lass Vegas 1982 Study have been included also: a section on Affiliation, and a section on Jewish services.

Sample: 290 interviews completed from Summer 1981 through the Spring of 1982 based on an expanded Federation List.

Sample Size:

Data weighted to reflect intermarriage patterns in Denver study. Discussion in Appendix A is cited, but is currently not available.

Data File not currently available.


Survey Reports

» Services for Children and Young Adults Report

» Affiliation Report

» Jewish Services Report

» Summary Report

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