The Jewish Community of St. Paul 1969

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul, United Jewish Fund and Council of St. Paul, University of Connecticut Research Foundation

Principal Investigator(s): Arnold Dashefsky, Howard M. Shapiro

Study Dates: Winter, 1969

Population Estimates: 10,500 Jews are estimated to reside in St. Paul [based on an estimate of the United Jewish Fund and Council in 1968]
Key Findings: The Jewish Community of St. Paul is not a traditional random-based survey of St. Paul Jews, but a socio-historical analysis of Jewish St. Paul, then-and-now.

  • Chapter Two has an excellent, extensive social history of St. Paul's Jewish community, beginning with community origins from 1850-1880.

  • Chapter three provides a demographic, geographic and Jewish connections review of St. Paul from previously published sources.

  • Chapter four summarizes the survey data from the study: Survey questionnaires were sent to and returned by two groups of know Jews: 183 "sons" ages 22-29 and 199 "fathers."

    Variables included family background, occupation-education-income, Jewish education, Jewish neighbors, synagogue affiliation and Jewish organizational involvement, Jewish identity and Jewish values.

  • Chapter five summary, presents the data on fathers and sons in an interesting and revealing sociological analysis.
  • Sample Notes: A lengthy questionnaire was mailed to all known Jewish males domiciled in St. Paul, aged 22-29 inclusive. The same questionnaire was also sent to all fathers of these men who were residents of this community. A total of 183 completed questionnaires were returned by the 22-29 year-old respondents; a total of 119 "fathers" filled out and returned their questionnaires.

    The totals represented approximately two-thirds of the known members of each category.

    Report notes that there were no important differences between respondents and non-respondents


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