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A Community-Wide Study of the Jewish Community of Salt-Lake City 1976-1977

Sponsor(s): United Jewish Council of Salt Lake City, Utah

Principal Investigator(s): Elliott Organick

Population Estimates: 597 households

Sample Size: 158 Households

Sample Notes: An attempt was made to ennumerate the entire Jewish population in the Salt Lake City area. This list was compiled using current organizational membership lists, identifying and confirming Jewish names in the Salt Lake phone book, and by requesting individuals in the Jewish community to submit names of those who might be unknown to Jewish organizations. Using these techniques a list of 597 family names was complied and became the target population. A decision was made that the entire population, rather than a sample, would be polled. Although only one adult member of the household was utilized as a respondent, s/he was asked to comment regarding the range of activities and reactions of the entire household.


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