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Social and Demographic Survey of Tampa FL 1980

Sponsor(s): Tampa Jewish Community Center & Federation, Tampa Jewish Federation

Principal Investigator(s): Ray Wheeler

Study Dates: April - July 1980

Population Estimates: The results of the mail survey were used to form two estimates of the Jewish population of Hillsborough County: a potential low estimate is just over 9,500 and a high estimate approximately 13,000.
Key Findings:
  • Between 1.5 and 2.0 percent of the Hillsborough County population is Jewish.

  • The 1958 population study estimate was approximately 3,100 - 1.2% of the total metropolitan Tampa population.
  • The author estimated that by the year 2000, the Jewish population will increase to at least 15,500 and perhaps as many as 24,300, assuming current trends continued.

  • There are two major spatial concentrations: (1)The Palma Ceia Davis Island-Hyde Park area and (2)the northwest part of the county centering on the Carrollwood area. The faster growing outlying areas appear to attract families that are younger, newer to the area and have somewhat larger average household size.

  • One-third of respondents were raised in New York State; 50 percent in the northeast. Just ten percent have lived in Tampa their entire lives.

  • Just over 57% of respondents were first or second generation Americans, a figure below the percentage for all Jews in the U.S.

  • Eighty-six percent of respondents express some religious identity; sixty-seven percent are members of a congregation. Of those respondents who are members of a congregation, only one-third attend services as often as once a month.

  • The practice of Jewish rituals appears to be declining in comparison to childhood experiences. However, the most widely retained rituals are the Passover Seder and lighting Chanuka candles.

  • Informal contact with other Jews is important; more than two-thirds of respondents report that at least one-half of their friends are Jewish. Three-quarters of respondents report that at least one Jewish family lives within easy walking distance of their home.

  • Philanthropic contributions follow the pattern of a relatively small, but fiscally important, minority contributing generously ($1,000 or more) to various local agencies. Generous contributors differ, however, from others in that they would like proportionately more contributions given to Israel and proportionately less to local needs.
Sample: Adult Jewish households in Hillsborough County, Fl.

Sample Size: 613 households returned usable questionnaires - 41% of the total mailed.

Sample Notes: A mail questionnaire was sent to three sources: 1) the mailing list of the Tampa Jewish Federation, 2) persons with "Distinctive Jewish Names" appearing in the Tampa telephone book (only those not already on the TJF list), 3) a "snowball" sample generated by asking respondents to the first two lists to name Jews whom they thought might not be associated with Jewish organizations - with all duplicates of the List and DJN frames removed.

Questionnaires were mailed to 1,234 residences from the LIST (of 2,480), all 395 DJN households and all 69 additional names from the snowball sample.

Estimation procedures described in text; estimate for non-List, non-DJN Jewish households not based on any random estimates.

Data file not available.

The survey instrument is included as an appendix in the report, and as a separate file.


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