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Jewish Population of Greater Lynn, MA 1956

Sponsor(s): Jewish Community Federation of Greater Lynn, MA

Principal Investigator(s): Albert M. Stein

Population Estimates: 10,391 Jews residing in Greater Lynn in the Fall of 1955.
Key Findings: The bulk of Greater Lynn's Jewish population was located in four areas: East and West Lynn (50.2 per cent) and Marblehead and Swmnpscott (46.5 per cent) Saugus, Nahant and Lynnfield together accounted for less than four per cent of the total.

Thirty-five percent of Greater Lynn's Jewish population were under 20 years of age; 57 percent between the ages 20 and 64; and seven percent 65 years and over. The proportion of aged to total population is lower than the United States average of eight percent.

Sample: Jewish Households in Greater Lynn, MA. on the Federation list.

Sample Size: 3,240.

Sample Notes: Prior to embarking on the study, the community Federation revised and added to its master list, and there were 3,359 households included. During the course of the study, this number was reduced to 3,240 by eliminating 95 duplications, 11 households removed by death, 33 non Jewish, and 55 which had removed from Greater Lynn or were only summer residents. Of the remainder, all but 119 were able to be surveyed and included in the Study. Of the 119, 83 could not be reached, eight refused because of illness, and 28 were non-cooperative. The study determined that the majority of Jews in the community were affiliated with a synagogue, and therefore the Federation list was likely representative of the population.

Households as defined in this Study included all related members (whether by blood or marriage) living together. While those who were employed in jobs which took t h e m outside of Greater Lynn were included as residents, students who were in full dormitory attendance in colleges and those in military service stationed outside of Greater Lynn were not. The exclusion of these, while consistent with the definitions used in the last United States Census, has some effect in reducing the proportions in the Lynn Jewish population in the 15 to 24 year age groups.

Study Notes: Greater Lynn is located on the North Shore, fifteen miles above Boston. It includes the city of Lynn and the towns of Lynnfield, Saugus, Nahant, Marblehead and Swampscott. This study is significant in terms of understanding the post World War II Jewish movement throughout the country from cities to the suburbs. The local Jewish community of Lynn were cognizant of the great change in character, size and location post WWII, but they didn't know specifics of how many had moved in, where they came from, what were their interests and identifications, and thus didn't know how to assess or plan for the changes in programs which all organizations must make to met the needs of this new situation.

The goal of this study was to find specific practical information about the community, rather than trends regarding the community. Thus, a questionnaire with only 18 questions was used that was designed to take five minutes or less to complete. 90% of the questionnaires were completed via telephone with the remaining 10% taking place in person.

The survey instrument is included as an appendix in the report.


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