South Palm Beach 1984 Study

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, South County Jewish Federation

Principal Investigator(s): Ira M. Sheskin

Study Dates: June, July 1984

Population Estimates: 56,000 Jewish persons live in 28,550 Jewish HH in the South Palm Beach County area. Population estimates based on random interviews from the Federation List of households.
Sample: Geographic area is the southern portion of Palm Beach County, and includes Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Delray Beach and contiguous unincorporated areas.

Sample Size: 355 completed interviews from Federation List. Original random sample from Federation List was 865; extensive methodology section provides detailed sample disposition.

Sample Notes: No data file available for study.

Estimate of 56,000 Jewish persons based on LIST from Federation, with discussion in text of corroboration from an analysis of Distinctive Jewish names (DJN) in local directories.

Similarly, historical data on number of Jews in southern portion of Palm Beach County based on counts of DJNs in local telephone directories.

Study Notes: See also the 1995 and 2005 studies of South Palm Beach County.


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