2001 Census Analysis Series: The Jewish Community of Halifax

Sponsor(s): Atlantic Jewish Council, UIA Federations Canada

Principal Investigator(s): Charles Shahar

Study Dates: May 1-15, 2001 Canadian Census. Data provided to UAI Federations Canada by Statistics Canada.

Population Estimates:

The estimated Jewish population of the City of Halifax (Nova Scotia) was 1,985 in 2001.

Jews comprised 0.6% of the total Halifax population.

Key Findings:

Census data on Jews in Halifax are reported separately only in the report on Basic Demographics, which follows the model of the national report and the other reports on the major Jewish communities in Canada.

  • All other reports on Canadian Jews as a whole include data on Halifax as part of comparison tables; readers should consult these reports for additional data on Halifax Jews.

Adult Jewish respondents residing in Halifax interviewed during the 2001 Census.

Definitions of Jewish persons based on combination of census questions on religion of respondent and ethnicity.

See Appendix 3 in Basic Demographics for discussion of "The Jewish Standard Definition."


Survey Reports

» Basic Demographics

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