Jewish Cleveland 2004--A Demographic Profile of Our Community Survey

Sponsor(s): Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland Endowment Fund

Principal Investigator(s): Mark S. Rosentraub, Kathryn Wertheim Hexter

Study Dates: April-June, 2004

Population Estimates:

Report notes that 1996 estimate of 81,500 Jews in Cleveland may be a "prudent" estimate for 2004, but no RDD (random digit dialing) included in survey design to produce an estimate.

Telephone survey of 2,035 Jewish households sampled from Federation List.

Key Findings:

2004 Report, "Jewish Cleveland 2004: A Demographic Profile of Our Community," is a detailed analysis of demographic characteristics of the 2,035 household interviews.

Data should be interpreted with caution given exceptionally high refusal rate of Jewish households to begin the interview, and the lack of an RDD sampling component.

Appendix C compares some findings of 1996 study (which used RDD sampling) and 2004 study.


Adult Jewish households in the Greater Cleveland area

Sample Size: 2,035 completed interviews.

Sample Notes:

No RDD interviewing. Federation List and lists of likely Jewish phone numbers commercially purchased are the only sampling frames utilized.

No sample disposition provided in detail. Discussion in the introductory chapter not specific; apparently 12,877 households were contacted, and approximately 4,000 were non-Jewish. Of the more than 8,000 Jewish households contacted, it appears that over 6,000 refused to participate in the study, while another 107 Jewish households which started the interview refused to complete the interview.

No indication data were weighted for analysis; no internal comparison of data from the Federation list and purchased lists.

Data file is unweighted. Variable "source" provides data on source of lists, but details do not exist in the published report explaining the basis of the lists.

Study Notes:

Population estimate of 81,500 based on 1996 estimate is problematic. Appendix B has a discussion of reasons why the estimate may be used in 2004 with "confidence," but Main Report notes: "An analysis of data from this survey suggests that it may be prudent to accept that estimate..."

Report notes at several times that study was not designed to produce a population estimate.

DataBank users encouraged to read the RDD-based Cleveland 2011 report.


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