The 2003 Greater Washington DC Jewish Community Study

Sponsor(s): Charles I. And Mary Kaplan Family Foundation

Principal Investigator(s): Ira M. Sheskin

Study Dates: December 10, 2002-January 22, 2003

Key Findings:

215,000 Jewish persons live in 110,000 Jewish households. Including non-Jewish adults and children, 267,800 people reside in these households.

An additional 600 Jews are estimated to live in group quarters, such as nursing homes.

In 1983, 157,300 Jewish persons lived in the area; a 37% increase in number of Jews.


Adult Jewish Households in the Washington, D.C. area: Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, MD; Washington, DC; Arlington, Fairfax, Loudon and Prince William Counties, VA; the independent cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas and Manassas Park, VA.

Two sampling frames were used: random digit dialing (RDD), and a list of Distinctive Jewish Names (DJN) from the telephone book. Of the completed interviews, 400 cases came from the RDD frame, and 801 cases from the DJN frame.

Sample Size: 1,201.

Sample Notes:

Data are weighted - (1) "WF" weight factor adjusts DJN interviews to resemble RDD interviews, and adjusts for multiple telephone household interviews; reduces N to 1,142. (2) Weight factor "WFHH" projects data to Jewish households: N=109,979 precisely.

Methodological details in the Main Report.

A Jewish household was defined as one that contained someone who was born, raised, or is currently Jewish. Summary Report and Main Report both describe definitions used in the study.

Language: English


Survey Reports

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Documentation, Questionnaires and Frequencies

» 2003 Questionnaire

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Data Files and Data Definitions

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Other Documentation

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