The 1991 Jewish Population Survey of Southern New Jersey

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, Raymond and Gertrude Saltzman Foundation

Principal Investigator(s): Jacob B. Ukeles

Study Dates: Fall, Winter 1991 survey.

Study areas included Cherry Hill (NJ), the center of the tri-county Jewish community, as well as the remainder of Camden County (NJ), and adjacent Burlington and Gloucester Counties.

Population Estimates:

Estimated 49,200 Jewish persons live in 24,000 Jewish households (HH) in the Study area. Report does not include an estimate of non-Jewish HH members.

Key Findings:

Major findings:

Size of the Jewish community had increased significantly since the last study estimate of 15,000 in 1964 and the American Jewish Yearbook estimate of 28,000 prior to the Study.Over half of the Jewish community lived outside of the "core" Cherry Hill Jewish community (27,100 outside Cherry Hill, 22,100 in Cherry Hill).Intermarriage rate: 31% of married households are intermarried.

Report compares Cherry Hill and the "periphery" on many demographic and Jewish connections variables.


Adult Jewish Households in Camden County (including Cherry Hill), Burlington, and Gloucester Counties, New Jersey

Sample Size: 739 completed 20+ minute interviews. Main Report has detailed methodological discussion of interviewing process.

Sample Notes:

Study combined RDD (random digit dialing) surveying inside Cherry Hill, and random interviews from Jewish community lists (mostly the Federation list). "Periphery" interviews not based on RDD design given costs, and use of violunteer interviewers for the Study.

See detailed methodological discussion in Report chapters and Appendix 3.

Study Notes:

Data are not weighted to project to number of Jewish households in the area. "FinlWegh" should be used for analysis; N=1,414 with this weight variable, even though this weight variable does not completely adjust for oversampling issues.

Language: English


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