Los Angeles Jewish Population Survey, 1997

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

Principal Investigator(s): Pini Herman, Bruce Phillips

Study Dates: May, 1996 - April, 1997

Population Estimates:

Report estimates 519,151 Jews in 247,668 Jewish households in Greater Los Angeles [Data Bank normally would use 519,200 Jews and 247,700 Jewish households in Data Bank reports.]

Report also notes that an additional 70,668 non-Jews live in Jewish households, for a total of over 589,800 people in Greater Los Angeles Jewish households.

Key Findings:

Reports focus upon Jewish persons living in the 247,700 Jewish households - non-Jewish household members are not included in any of the reported data.


Approximately 18% of Jews are children under age 18, while 21% are seniors at least 65.Number of Jewish children born in 1979 is similar to number born in the community in 1979.Percentage of Jewish seniors has almost doubled from 1979 to 1997.Household size reported as 2.1 is apparently number of Jewish persons per household; Data Bank users of the data files below should note that the data file includes information of all household members, not just the Jewish persons.

Two major reports available: (a) Summary Report includes extensive maps and an insightful Research Appendix summary; (b) Community Needs Report has in-depth coverage of human services needs, defined in broadest perspective.


Adult Jewish Households in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Sample Size: Data file available at Data Bank as of November, 2010 includes only the 2,546 households with at least one Jewish person.

Sample Notes:

Report total of 2,640 interviews included 94 households without any current Jewish members - Jewish background or Jewish origin only; report indicated that these households represented 29,154 persons of Jewish origin who were practicing a religion other than Judaism in 1997 or were being raised in a different religion.

These individuals were not included in the 1999 report analysis, and have been eliminated from the Data Bank file for Los Angeles 1997 that has been prepared by Dr. Ira M. Sheskin.

The current November 2010 data file contains 2,546 interviews.


Note, however, that only 2,471 are weighted and are included in any data analysis using weighted projections; 1,004 interviews from RDD (random digit dialing) and 1,467 interviews from Jewish Federation list.

There are another 75 interviews ("Sample" = 2)which are apparently re-interviews from the 1979 study, but have "zero" weights assigned to them.

"Projwgt" variable extrapolates the 2,546 Jewish HH interviews to 247,668 households, matching the precise number of estimated Jewish households in the survey reports; data file includes an estimated 175,813 Jewish HH from RDD interviews and 71,855 from Federation List frame.

Data Bank users who have the previous Data Bank version [prior to November 17, 2010] of the Los Angeles data file, and who do not wish to download the November 2010 file, can replicate the 247,688 Jewish household number by using "Filter_i" and eliminating all households which do not have a Jewish person in them from the data analysis (weighted HH = 13,259)


Please note, however, that the November 2010 Data Bank version includes a more complete set of variable names and value labels than the older version.

Study Notes:

Telephone interviews for Jewish household completed interviews averaged over 25 minutes.

The sampling design consisted of a dual frame sample of randomly-selected respondents from the Federation list, and a complementary RDD frame (random digit dialing), after removal of numbers on the Federation List from the RDD frame.

Brief appendix discussion in Summary Report prepared by Dr. Jay Sumner, statistical consultant for the project, is quite useful.

The sampling universe included Jewish households located in Greater Los Angeles, from Lancaster in the north, to the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the south, from the Pacific Ocean in the west and downtown Los Angeles in the east.


Survey Reports

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