A Population Study of the Jewish Community of Metropolitan Chicago, 1982

Sponsor(s): Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago

Principal Investigator(s): Peter Friedman

Study Dates: September, 1981-January, 1982

Population Estimates:

An estimated 248,000 Jewish persons live in 107,700 Jewish households.

In addition, 28,800 non-Jewish persons live in these households; the total number of people (Jewish and non-Jewish) is 276,800 people.

The researchers noted that the number of Jewish households had increased almost 17% from 1971 to 1981-82, although the number of Jewish-identifying persons had declined.

• In 1971, there were an estimated 91,800 Jewish households, while in 1981-82 there were 107,700 households.

• In terms of household members who were Jewish, the researchers estimated the Metropolitan Chicago Jewish population at 248,000, a decline of only 2% from the 1971 estimate of 253,000, as well as a decline of approximately 10% from the 1951 base estimate of 272,000. 

• The total number of people living in these Jewish households (Jews and non-Jews) was 276,800 in 1981-82 [including 28,800 non-Jews], compared to a total of 261,800 people in 1971 [including 8,800 non-Jews].

• The increased number of non-Jews living in the Jewish households [which had at least one Jewish adult] was attributed to inter-marriage and the increase in Chicago singles who shared apartments [obviously with non-Jews].



1,247 individuals in Jewish Households in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

Sample Size: 1247

Sample Notes:

The data were gathered from 1,247 individuals in households with one or more Jewish individuals via a telephone interview survey.

The sampling universe included Jewish households located in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs (Cook County, DuPage County, and part of Lake County).

Random digit dialing telephone techniques were used with some deliberate over-sampling by sub-areas.

Cooperation rate of 74% was reported -  74% of contacted Jewish households provided an interview.

Zipped data file includes both an SPSS SAV file and an SPSS POR file

Study Notes:

The Chicago 1982 Jewish Community Study was directed by Dr. Peter Friedman and the Planning and Research Department of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, with questionnaire development assisted by The Policy Research Corporation, which conducted the interviews from September, 1981 through January, 1982.  Report was issued in 1985.

A series of follow-up phone calls were conducted with households which refused to be interviewed. They indicated that the Jewish elderly were over-represented in the refusals.

Data file weighting was used to rectify this problem. Weight variable is the first variable in the data set.


Language: English


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