A Study of the Jewish Population of Greater Boston, 1975

Sponsor(s): Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston (CJP)

Principal Investigator(s): Floyd A. Fowler Jr.

Population Estimates: Total "Jewish population" was reported as 195,000 in 80,000 Jewish households; Jewish population includes Jewish persons and all other related individuals (even if not Jewish) in these households. No separate estimate for Jewish persons is included.
Key Findings:
  • Jewish population in Boston area had apparently declined from previous study estimates in 1965, largely related to household size;

  • In Boston SMSA, total number of Jewish households in 1965 was 70,000, but increased to 80,000 in 1975; in the CJP catchment area, number of Jewish households was 61,000 in 1965 but 70,000 in 1975 (Brockton excluded);

  • HH Size was estimated to be 3.0 in 1965, but 2.4 in 1975;

  • Thus, total related people in Jewish households (Jewish and non-Jewish)was 208,000 in 1965 Boston SMSA and 195,000 in 1975; in CJP area excluding Brockton, 1965 total population was 176,000 in 1965 but 165,000 in 1975;

  • 1985 Report has extensive comparisons with 1975 Report data.

Sample: Jewish Households in Greater Boston: 79 cities and towns designated by the Bureau of the Census. This area extends from Marblehead in the north, to Framingham in the west, and to Duxbury in the south.

Sample Size: 934 in-person interviews completed in 1975; 685 via random selection from the CJP List of donors, and another 249 interviews from randomly generated household addresses. Sampling disposition included as Table 1.

Sample Notes: Data File was reviewed in 1997 by the North American Jewish Data Bank (Ron Miller).

Neither the original data files converted from tape/cartridge at the North American Data Bank nor the file requested in 1997 from the survey researchers [now the Center for Survey Research at the University of Massachusetts-Boston] contained weights, but the “Weighting” memo issued by Dr. Fowler contained information required to construct the weights.

The weighting for the 1975 study essentially weighted the 180 interviews that could only have been done with Jewish households via random area sampling as a “7” compared to the Boston CJP list as “1” and the Brockton CJP list as “0.3”.

In the Data Bank files, weights have been added (by Ron Miller in 1997) by following the weighting calculations.

  • These newly created variables are: “Weight1,” the household weight and “Weight2,” the respondent weight.

  • Researchers using this file should review the calculation of weights by the NAJDB before using them.


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